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Mishap Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Mishap noun: mishap; plural noun: mishaps Definition and Meaning of Mishap in Marathi दुर्घटना, विपत्ती, लहान अपघात Pronunciation of Mishap in Marathi Mishap (मिस्हॅप्) Usage of Mishap in a Sentence Our journey ended without mishap. He is very much grieved over this mishap. They met with a slight mishap on the way. …

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Migrate Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Migrate verb: migrate; 3rd person present: migrates; past tense: migrated; past participle: migrated; gerund or present participle: migrating Definition and Meaning of Migrate in Marathi देशांतर करणे, स्थलांतर करणे Pronunciation of Migrate in Marathi Migrate (माइग्रेट्‌) Usage of Migrate in a Sentence People migrate to find work. These animals migrate annually in …

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Mediocre Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Mediocre adjective: mediocre Definition and Meaning of Mediocre in Marathi मध्यम प्रतीचा, सामान्य, साधारण, सुमार Pronunciation of Mediocre in Marathi Mediocre (मीडिओकर्‌) Usage of Mediocre in a Sentence He is a mediocre musician. Parents don’t want their children going to mediocre schools. My marks were mediocre, my attendance record average. The team …

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