Pursuant Meaning in Marathi



Type of Pursuant

adverb: pursuant

Definition and Meaning of Pursuant in Marathi

(to) -ला अनुसरून, -च्या अनुरोधाने

Pronunciation of Pursuant in Marathi

Pursuant (पर्स्यूअन्ट)

Usage of Pursuant in a Sentence

    • This money was spent legally and pursuant to city regulations.
    • Pursuant to his instruction, I have placed an order for 10 copies of the book.
    • The parties to a contract shall fulfill their obligations pursuant to the terms of the contract.
    • He should continue to act pursuant to the United Nations Security Council resolutions.


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Pursuant meaning in Marathi | Pursuant मराठीत अर्थ | explained Pursuant in Marathi

Synonyms of Pursuant in Marathi

in accord with, in accordance with, in agreement with, conforming to, in consonance with, in keeping with, in the manner of, as reported by

Antonyms of Pursuant in Marathi,

in breach, in conflict, in contravention, in violation, conflicting, incompatible, contradictory, clashing, contrary, inconsistent

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या वेबसाईटवर तुम्हाला Pursuant चा मराठीत अर्थ समजेल आणि Pursuant चा उच्चार देखील कळेल. म्हणजेच Pursuant शब्दाच्या अर्थासोबत Pursuant उच्चार कसा करायचा, Pursuant उच्चार करण्याची योग्य पद्धत कोणती हे देखील शिकाल. तर Pursuant हा शब्द फक्त एका मिनिटात शिका. Pursuant चा मराठी अर्थ सविस्तर जाणून घेऊया. मराठीत Pursuant चा अर्थ.


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