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Words Starting with the Letter O

Orchard Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Orchard noun: orchard; plural noun: orchards Definition and Meaning of Orchard in Marathi फळझाडांची बाग, फलोद्यान Pronunciation of Orchard in Marathi Orchard (ऑर्चर्ड) Usage of Orchard in a Sentence There is an apple orchard behind the house. My orchard is bearing well this year. Many children raided our orchard. We climbed over …

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Oxen Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Oxen noun: ox; plural noun: oxen Definition and Meaning of Oxen in Marathi ‘Ox’ चे अनेकवचनी रूप, बैल, खच्ची केलेला बैल, वृषभ, भाद्याबैल Pronunciation of Oxen in Marathi Oxen (ऑक्सन) Usage of Oxen in a Sentence Old oxen have stiff horns.  The farmer yoked the oxen. There were several oxen on the …

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Occur Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Occur verb: occur; 3rd person present: occurs; past tense: occurred; past participle: occurred; gerund or present participle: occurring Definition and Meaning of Occur in Marathi घडणे, घडून येणे, असणे, आढळणे, मनात येणे, वाटणे, कल्पना किंवा विचार सुचणे, लक्षात येणे Pronunciation of Occur in Marathi Occur (अकर्‌) Usage of Occur in a Sentence …

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Obligations Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Obligations noun: obligation; plural noun: obligations Definition and Meaning of Obligations in Marathi बंधन, कर्तव्य, दायित्व, उपकारचे ऋण, जबाबदाऱ्या Pronunciation of Obligations in Marathi Obligations (ओब्लिगेशन्स) Usage of Obligations in a Sentence We freed him from his financial obligations. I can’t travel next month because of family obligations. She reminded him of …

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Otter Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Otter noun: otter; plural noun: otters Definition and Meaning of Otter in Marathi पाणमांजर, ऊदमांजर, पाणमांजराच्या अंगावरील लोकर Pronunciation of Otter in Marathi Otter (ओटर) Usage of Otter in a Sentence Otter hunting has been illegal. The Otter lives in large hollow logs. His jacket is made of otter skins. We saw …

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Obligatory Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Obligatory adjective: obligatory Definition and Meaning of Obligatory in Marathi अनिवार्य, बंधनकारक, आवश्यक असणारा Pronunciation of Obligatory in Marathi Obligatory (ओब्लिगेटरी) Usage of Obligatory in a Sentence Attendance at school is obligatory. It is obligatory to get license before you drive a car. The medical examination before you start work is obligatory. …

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