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Empathize Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Empathize verb: empathize; 3rd person present: empathizes; past tense: empathized; past participle: empathized; gerund or present participle: empathizing Definition and Meaning of Empathize in Marathi सहानुभूती दाखवणे, -शी समरस होणे Pronunciation of Empathize in Marathi Empathize (अेम्पथाइझ़्) Usage of Empathize in a Sentence It’s very easy to empathize with the characters in …

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Exemplary Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Exemplary adjective: exemplary Definition and Meaning of Exemplary in Marathi अनुकरणीय, जरब बसेल, ताकीद मिळेल असा, नमुनेदार, खूप छान, आदर्श Pronunciation of Exemplary in Marathi Exemplary (इग्ˈझ़ेम्प्लरी) Usage of Exemplary in a Sentence The judge awarded exemplary damages. Her behaviour was exemplary. He showed outstanding and exemplary courage. He demanded exemplary sentences …

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Each Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Each determiner: each pronoun: each adverb: each Definition and Meaning of Each in Marathi प्रत्येक, दर एक, प्रत्येक व्यक्ती किंवा गोष्ट, प्रत्येकी, प्रत्येकासाठी Pronunciation of Each in Marathi Each (ईच्) Usage of Each in a Sentence Each man has his limitations. Each individual item has a number. Let’s keep in touch with …

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Egalitarian Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Egalitarian adjective: egalitarian Definition and Meaning of Egalitarian in Marathi सर्व मानव समान आहेत असे मानणारा, समतावादी, या तत्वानुसार वागणारी व्यक्ती, समानतेचा पुरस्कार करणारा, समतावादी व्यक्ती Pronunciation of Egalitarian in Marathi Egalitarian (ईगॅलिटेअरीअन्) Usage of Egalitarian in a Sentence People have long dreamt of an egalitarian society. Clearly, an egalitarian society remains …

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Excretion Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Excretion noun: excretion Definition and Meaning of Excretion in Marathi मलोत्सर्जन, उत्सर्जन, बाहेर टाकण्याची क्रिया Pronunciation of Excretion in Marathi Excretion (इक्‌ˈस्‍क्रीश्‌न्‌) Usage of Excretion in a Sentence Sweat is also an excretion. The kidneys are organs of excretion. The virus spreads quickly by excretion.  Excretion is one of several activities common …

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Equilibrium Meaning in Marathi

  Type of Equilibrium noun: equilibrium; plural noun: equilibria Definition and Meaning of Equilibrium in Marathi संतुलन, समतोल, समतोलपणा, स्थिरता, समबुद्धी, स्थितप्रज्ञता, स्थितधी, समाधी Pronunciation of Equilibrium in Marathi Equilibrium (ईक्विलिब्रिअम्‌) Usage of Equilibrium in a Sentence This pair of scales is not in equilibrium. He can’t maintain enough equilibrium to ride a bike. We …

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